Todays Job Market


Todays job market is uncertain and has left the majority of the citizens of the United States either without a job or worried that they will be without a job in the coming months. Job managers are under continued pressure to make do with increasingly shrinking budgets. These concerns leave many of us choosing every day if it is wiser to go to work and put on a happy face or seek employment elsewhere. Additionally companies that value employee loyalty are becoming few and far between.

In todays world, having and fulfilling proper education is more important than ever. I recently had the privilege of attending a presentation from a top ranking fortune 500 vice president. During his meeting, he calmly stated that that a masters degree is the equivalent of what a bachelors degree was a few years ago. Now may be a good time to go back to school. Doors open when you have a degree (Any degree is better than no degree). Currently the government is providing huge sums of money to students to help them go back to school expecialy if a student is pursuing an engineering degree.

Why You Should be Job Searching.


Mostly, you should always be looking for a new job because it is smart. It is smart because it can offer you more experience. It is smart because it can offer you a change of pace. It is smart because it can offer you a chance to move up in position. It is smart because it can offer you a more pleasant work experience. For years, I worked for a company for 12 years straight. As the economy struggled more and more, work life became more hostile. It eventually got to the point where employee moral was so low that that there was shouting arguments between all levels of the company. I was glad to leave and happy to learn that the grass actuly can be greener on the other side.